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Chicago Area Workforce Staffing


In a demanding market, we deliver the best staffing solutions for your business

Business Relationships Matter to Us

We believe that the level of service to our customers has grown and developed because we continually focus on providing value, efficiency, and the highest level of flexible customer service. These elements are the basis for our ability to provide custom solutions that fit our customer's ever-changing needs.

We work especially hard in order to deliver value to you, our customer.

Temporary Staffing Services:

  • Temporary Staffing: Cover unplanned absences, demand spikes or tight deadlines.

  • Temp-to-Hire: Evaluate a Manpower professional at your location before arranging a direct hire.

Permanent Staffing Services:

  • Direct Hire: Choose from only the best professionals we present for your consideration.

  • Executive Search: Need to add to your leadership team or recruit professionals with in-demand skills and experience?

Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago can help you make your next search shorter and more successful.

Custom Solutions Built For You

All of our business solutions are designed to help our customers maximize their temporary staffing spend. When you need to get the most out of your staffing dollar, Manpower has the ability to provide unique answers. Manpower offers flexibility, as all of our services are available on a contract, direct hire, or contract-to-hire basis. More and more clients continue to turn to us in order to combine these offerings with "Best in Class" business practices to build effective account strategies or perhaps vendor management structures. Ultimately, our clients realize that we can assist in areas such as:

  • Quality Talent Acquisition

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Transaction Management

  • Workforce Management

  • Total Cost of Ownership Reduction

  • Supply Chain Optimization

We are always striving to add new additions to our services to simplify your hiring process.  Just in the last few years we have implemented video interviewing, enhanced internet recruiting capabilities with Direct Talent, enhanced time reporting with Direct Time and are always adding new skills assessments and trainings to our onboarding toolbox. When you work with Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago you get more tools at your disposal to support a quality hiring process.

Our disciplined commitment to financial and leadership responsibility makes Manpower the leader in the staffing industry!

We take our position as the leader in local staffing seriously! You can always count on our team to deliver quality, value, honesty, integrity and a continuous focus on true human resource technologies that enable us to make better - and more cost effective - staffing placements than others in our industry.

Learn how we can help today...

See to the impact MyPath has had on the lives of past participants.

Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago  Delivers Solutions

A tight labor market means companies are having even greater difficulty finding and retaining great people -- people like Amir and Maritza. We're breaking the mold of staffing providers by delivering a unique program to our associates that in return let's our clients get the skills on their workforce they need to meet their business goals. Before your make another hiring decision, hear what our clients are saying about MyPath.

Manpower solutions for the global talent shortage

With nearly half of companies worldwide reporting difficulty filling open positions, organizations must think differently about how they attract, retain and train their workforce. How will your organization respond in the face of talent shortages?


1.  You Deserve Quality & Affordable Staffing Solutions.

Talent acquisition and management is one of the largest expenses that your business incurs- and who you hire has a direct impact on your bottom-line. As the world's leading provider of next-generation staffing services, Manpower draws from unparalleled resources and expertise to offer you innovative, quality workforce solutions, and provide you with incomparable value.

It's our job to keep your company on track with custom staffing solutions.


2.  Your Plate Is Already Full.

As a hiring manager your plate is already full. Staffing is consuming of both time and resources which can diminish productivity. We live, work and breath staffing which means, you don't have to! With one of the largest candidate pools, we are poised to deliver results regardless to how central or remote your location. Our staffing specialists are committed to staying current on new techniques and trends, including social media recruiting.  You can count on us to source and deliver the best possible candidates that best match your search criteria.


3.  You Want a Team You Can Trust.

As a 60-year veteran of the staffing industry, we have refined methods for every step in the hiring process which includes sourcing, on-boarding, and talent management. Institutions as diverse as the U.S. Department of Labor and Fortune Magazine have recognized our expertise. The world of work? We've practically reinvented it and we are ready to be your trusted advisor for anything employment related!

4.  One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work For You.

Your business, culture and needs are different than anyone else's, which is why we work closely with you to understand your specific business needs and goals. Our aim is to deliver the candidates that will have the greatest impact on your business. Whether you are a five-person firm or a Global 500 company, we can customize a solution to meet your unique business needs.

5.  Asure the Right Culture Fit.

By testing out a new hire before you commit them permanently, you can get a feel for how well the candidate fits into your company’s culture. That’s tough to determine by scanning resumes and conducting an interview or two. But a culture clash can be a major drain on morale, engagement, and productivity—definitely something you want to avoid.

6.  Access to Talent.

By opting for HW Staffing’s supplemental-to-direct hiring solution, you’ll have access to their pool of talented candidates. They can hook you up with the most qualified and experienced job seekers, but if you find that that person isn’t working out after a few weeks or months, there’s no commitment or pressure to keep that person around.


7.  You Want A Bigger Toolbox.

We are committed to your personal business success. As a Manpower client you have access to global resources through our Parent Company, including: online ordering, free webinars, information and training centers, hiring tools and much more.

8.  Test Before You Hire.

A permanent hire can be risky business. If you hire the wrong person, you risk having to unload that person and start the hiring process all over again, which some experts estimate costs half of the employee’s annual salary. Not to mention the effect a bad hire can have on morale—co-workers might get frustrated or overwhelmed with extra duties while you peruse candidates. But a temporary-to-permanent hiring solution, allows your company to test out a candidate for an extended period of time. If everything goes well, they’ll be offered a long-term full-time opportunity

9.  Test Performance with Temporary-to-Hire Solutions.

You can also find out how well the employee can perform and how hard they’re willing to work. Sometimes a good work ethic, a willingness to learn to skills, and an ability to adapt to change can be more important than qualifications listed on a resume. You want to hire someone who’s resilient, who can problem-solve and overcome setbacks, all in an effort to help grow your business. You may have hired the most qualified and experienced candidate in the talent pool, but they may not be motivated and engaged.  With a temporary-to-hire arrangement, you can evaluate those critical soft skills before you decide whether to hire that person permanently.


Learn How We Can Help...

High Expectations –  High Volume Staffing

Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago follows the mantra that filling traditionally high-volume and high-turnover positions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have high expectations.

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