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Call Center Staffing Industry Leader


Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago has


At any moment in your call center operations, your customers’ experience – and your success – depends on who is at the other end of the line. Yet, despite the impact your employees have on your business, you face constant pressure to control costs. With 65% to 70% of the typical call center's budget going to staff costs, you need alternative solutions to maximize your investment in people without sacrificing service quality and customer experience.

Manpower partners with contact centers of every size to help them staff for maximum capability, including onsite or at home agents. We offer flexible staffing solutions that allow you to ramp up or down depending on business or seasonal demands. Even more important, our contact center recruiting engine, intensive skills assessments, and proven selection processes allow us to identify ideal employment matches. That means your center will be equipped with high-quality staff with the right abilities, education, experience and attitude - and those who can deal with challenges and thrive.


As the world leader in contact call center staffing and customer service staffing employing 50,000 contact center staff per year and the vendor to more than 1,000 contact center clients puts Manpower in a unique position to successfully handle a project for you that will be quality driven and cost effective. 


Our expertise and best practices have accomplished some of the following for our contact center customers:

  • Significantly reduced contact center staff turnover

  • Staffed large new contact centers for clients from the ground up

  • Outperformed comparable contact centers on improving customer loyalty

  • Saved cost by reducing average handle time



Whether your operation has been functioning for years or you're just getting started, put our experience to work for you

Sample Job Titles We Fill:

  • Onsite and At-Home Agents

  • Customer Service Representative

  • Call center and contact center team leads

  • Call center and contact center supervisors

  • Bilingual customer service

  • Sales Representative

  • Technical Support Representative

  • Help Desk Support Representative

  • Collections

  • Outbound & Inbound Calling Service

  • Overflow Support

  • Seasonal Support

  • Data Entry

  • Order/Entry Fulfillment

  • Post Sales Support

  • Market Research

  • Telemarketing


When high call volumes dictate that you need to staff additional call center agents, Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago's specialty recruiting teams can provide hand-selected talent to meet your needs. If your needs are for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and/or contract engagements, and whether or not they include a language requirement, we can help!   With over 60 years experience and an extensive network, Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago has unparalleled access to a qualified pool of candidates to supplement your internal human resources and recruiting efforts and ensure that you are never understaffed or overwhelmed.

Language Assessment

We perform stringent language assessment tests to all multilingual call center agent candidates as part of our staffing service.  Whether you need a basic first-level bilingual customer service representative or a vice president of call center operations, Manpower ensures that the candidates you bring onboard are linguistically qualified for the job.

Outbound Calling

When customer outreach strategies include making outbound marketing calls, conducting market research, administering satisfaction surveys, or other business-critical phone-based tasks, Manpower's call center agents can help you meet those needs. 

Overflow Support

Call volumes naturally spike and recede, but investing in enough full-time staff to cover your high-volume periods can lead to wasted resources when call quantities are below max capacity. Manpower Staffing Agencies Chicago's call overflow solutions allow organizations the flexibility to retain only enough full-time staff to cover usually expected call volumes.  Overflow calls can be automatically routed to your overflow team, which will have been specially trained on your requirements and scripts and can deliver the same high level of service that your customers expect.

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